About us

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My name is Daniella and a very warm welcome to the acorn & will online shop!

One day, I decided that life was too short not to be doing something I loved, and so acorn & will was born. I wanted to put together a collection of products that are fun, affordable and eye-catching, and I hope the range successfully reflects that desire. The majority of our products are designed by me and made exclusively for us and I have peppered the range with things I have found on my travels that were just too good not to include.

acorn & will really is a family affair. My mum, Delphine, helps out at shows and gets roped in to packing up orders, and my twin sister Hayley is my 'Girl Friday' and now works with me. My dad, John, was always ready with advice, whether I ask for it or not! In busy periods I charm them all in to doing all manner of jobs and they help me with good humour and kindness. Paul is my husband and he is the 'sensible one' and 'king of spread sheets' and he does all the grown up things that I avoid ... like paperwork and accounting!

I absolutely love creating and sourcing things for acorn & will and I hope you too enjoy the end results!